Whitewater Area Čunovo

Jet Ski

Have fun at a fast adrenaline drive on the water area situated immediately in the Divoká voda complex. New and good water scooters will ensure you a safe drive and unforgettable feeling from new adventures.

We provide: 

two 3-seater Yamaha VX DELUXE, 110 HP

one 2-seater Seadoo RXP, 155 HP

The activity price includes: rent of one water scooter, fuel, oils/lubricants, the drive track marked through buoys, an instructor with VMP licence, a lifejacket, and a helmet.

Activity course:

This activity can be performed for individuals or smaller groups. The drive takes place under the output of wild water channel in the Danube old stream bed that is part of the complex. In case the group has rented two types of scooters, they can be exchanged during the drive. The participant drives the scooter by himself/herself on the track exactly marked. In case of company groups we offer competition drives.

1) the order – by phone, e-mail, on-line request;

2) the date confirmed by Divoká Voda;

3) advance payment (partial or full amount);

4) arrival to the activity place on the date and time specified, supplementary payment;

5) 30 minutes – change into the neoprene suit, the briefing;

6) 15 or more minutes of water scooter drive on the water area marked;

7) changing and return of neoprene suits.


Price list of Jet Ski

1.3. - 31.10.2016

YAMAHA VX Deluxe 1052, 110 h

  25 €  
10 min
SEADOO RXP, 155 h   27 €  
10 min





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