Whitewater Area Čunovo

Wakeboard & Water Ski

It is a water attraction similar towed by a motorboat. Wakeboard is a board broad enough for both feet and is similar to skateboard.

The activity price includes: rent of the motorboat to tow the wakeboard, fuel, oils/lubricants, the drive track, an instructor with VMP licence, a lifejacket, a helmet, wakeboard/water ski.

Activity course:

The participant will be briefly instructed on how to perform this activity. The wakeboard drive takes place under the output of wild water channel in the Danube old stream bed that is part of the complex, or on the main Danube in case the participant is very experienced. The activity is determined for one participant.

1) the order – by phone, e-mail, on-line request;

2) the date confirmed by Divoká Voda;

3) advance payment (partial or full amount);

4) arrival to the activity place on the date and time specified, supplementary payment;

5) 15 minutes – change into the swimming suit, brief instruction;

6) 30 minutes of wakeboard driving




1.3. - 31.10.2016

Wakeboard/Water Ski
150 €
60 min





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