Whitewater Area Čunovo

What I need to know

Whitewater channel    

The two main channels are interconnected several times thus providing several possible combinations of the drive track. The water difficulty levels range from WW II to IV; this difficulty levels can be regulated by flaps letting the water into channels. In the Čunovo channel there are 5 different types of tracks that can be modified and regulated. The tracks are 460 m long. The combination of tracks 1 and 2 and the difficulty degree of WW III are the most used ones. At the ends of the channels there are two outputs mouthing directly to the Danube. In the natural channel, that is 255 m long, 14 m wide, and 1.2 m deep, the water is calm. It serves to prepare the passengers before entering the main channel. In this channel various competitions and entertaining races as well as the kayak school can be performed.

To perform activities on wild water:

- you need to wear swimsuit, a T-shirt under the waterproof neoprene suit, socks for neoprene shoes, a towel, shower gel;

- your health condition must be sufficient to perform adrenaline sports – good physical condition, healthy movement apparatus, ability to swim, and a positive relation to water.

Wild water code of conduct:

  • Follow the instructions of your instructor all the time!
  • For your better hygiene wear a T-shirt, a swimsuit, and socks under the waterproof neoprene suit.
  • Before entering the water check your equipment and whether it is safely closed and buttoned. Ask your instructor if necessary.

  • In case you fall out of the boat, turn on your back and swim down the channel with your feet forward, hold firmly to your lifejacket, our instructors will pull you out back to the boat, or a rescuer will throw to you a rope to pull you back to the river bank.
  • All instructions that you need to follow while being on the water will be provided to you within the introductory briefing.
  • Do not dive to rescue your friend, it is to be done by the instructor.
  • If you want to overcome even the biggest waves, paddle!!!
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the boat or water in state of drunkenness!
  • The prerequisite for water sports performance is the ability to swim, a positive relation to water, and no fear of being under water.
  • If you were glasses, fasten them to a rubber band, or use contact lenses.
  • Despite thorough trainings, special assistance, and rescue service you perform the activity at your own liability.