You no longer need the sea or the ocean. Whether you are an amateur or professional, at Divoká Voda you have the opportunity to surf on an artificial wave. Do not hesitate and come to experience a unique sport activity in Europe!

Our wave is suitable not only for beginners but also for advanced riders. Whether you're going to surf the surfboard for the first time or need to develop your skills, we have created a surfing school for you. Experienced instructors are available for individual and group trainings.

The basic course for beginners consists of the following stages:

Stage 1 - safety instructions, balance on the surfboard without holding tight to it, safe padding from the water stream after falling into the water
Stage 2 - balance on the surfboard with arcs at the edge
Stage 3 - balance on the surfboard with arcs from the edge to center (working with your body, hands, head)
Stage 4 - balance on the surfboard, side-to-side passage (working with your body, hands, head)
Stage 5 - balance on the surfboard, tricks - 360 frontside - backside, slide, alley oop, etc.


NOTE: due to the difficulty of the riversurfing wave, we recommend surfing to people older than 17 years

Price list

Activity Duration Price
Surfing with instructor for 1 person
60 minutes 60€
Surfing with instructor for 2 person
60 minutes 90€
Surfing with instructor for 3 person
60 minutes 130€
Surfing with instructor for 4 person
60 minutes 160€
Surfing with instructor for 5 person
60 minutes 190€
Activity Duration Price
Surfboard - rent for the day
Surfboard - rent for half a day
Water equipment:
(neoprene, vest, helmet)
60 minutes 5€