The Water Sport Resort Divoká Voda offers a unique range of possible sports activities. You can enjoy a total of 15 activities here. Whether you would like to try or improve in some of the water sports or would simply like to have fun doing overland sport activity, you can find everything here. Here are some of them:


Rafting is one of the most attractive wild water sports. Do not hesitate to try this activity at least once in your life. With good physical condition you can try it at every age. It is a team sport activity, which brings much fun and new experience.


Beginner? Advanced? Professional?
Everyone who wants to try canoeing has the best conditions in Slovakia right here! The Water Sport Resport Divoká Voda is the home of the most successful Slovak Olympic sport - canoeing in the wild water!


Are you sad to know that this year you no longer have the opportunity to travel to the sea waves abroad? You no longer need the sea or the ocean. There is an artificial surf wave at the Water Sport Resor Divoká Voda where you can enjoy surfing every day after work or during the weekend!


The greatest adrenaline in the wild water, where you meet the riffles face-to-face. Hydrospeed is the float on which you lie and sail down the channel.

Jet Ski

Enjoy a quick adrenaline ride on the water surface right in the Water Sport Resort Divoká Voda. Quality Jet Ski guarantee safe ride and an unforgettable feeling from new adventure.


The 300-horsepower Crowline 220 LS engine boat offers a great experience of a fast ride on the Danube. We also offer sightseeing and romantic Danube cruises with a cup of sparkling prossec to Bratislava and neighboring countries.

Drive on a Quads

Blow off your steam on a 500-meter offroad track right in the resort. Push on the gas pedal and release your adrenaline while driving.


Be a hero and win over your opponents!



You can enjoy a romantic view on Bratislava and the Danube from the hot jacuzzi and sauna located directly on the roof of the hotel. There is also an outdoor swimming pool in the area.


In the dock-yard building, right next to the hotel, we have a newly reconstructed Fitness Center with strength training equipment, designed especially strengthening certain body parts for water sports.