Kajak, canoe, paddleboard

The artificial channel at Divoka Voda offers ideal conditions for all kayakers with different levels of skill. For complete beginners we offer a Kayak Course under the guidance of professional instructors. The channel is also designed for skilled kayakers who want to improve their technique, but also for professionals who want to train on the world championship track.

On the wild water you can sail on your own boats or if you do not have one simply use our rental services and we will be more than happy to lend you our kayaks, canoes and Stand Up Paddle boards.

Both channels are about 460m long with a class of difficulty that ranges from WW II-IV.

They are available 9 months a year from March until the end of November.

Rental service

Every visitor to the resort can use our rental service, which offers complete professional equipment. All sizes of neoprens, boots, vests, helmets, paddles, canoes, SUP and top-quality boats from the ZET Kayaks manufacturer of the latest 2017 model line are available.

ZET Kayaks is a young Czech manufacturer of top-quality kayaks, which has thanks to its excellent technology, the use of the best materials and the constant improvement and advancement, quickly won recognition and gained popularity with kayaking fans around the world.
The use of "Iron Technology" guarantees that the kayak's key parts are stronger and more durable, the kayak´s body and bow are reinforced and extremely durable to be able to remain stable on wild wild water as well.

ZET Kayaks Toro has been a long-awaited addition to the creek kayaks family. Toro is a creek kayak for all types of riders - from those who love to race to expedition riders on the wild water with the highest difficulty class and beginners.

The kayak has innovative shapes - it's longer than its older brother Director, but it's significantly thinner. The front bow is round with a sharp bend up unlike the bow on the back which has sharp edges. Thanks to its length, the kayak is very fast, the raised front bow makes the pass through the waves and holes easier and enables high rotations. The sharp edges of the rear bow allow for excellent control of the kayak by inclines. The robust adjustable seat is comfortable and protects the rider from large impacts.

ZET Kayaks Raptor is a great creek kayak for beginners and more experienced riders which is suitable for several-day rides, excellent for difficult terrain and for extreme races.

Creekboat Raptor is designed for riding on wild rivers. Thanks to its hull stability, Raptor is suitable for beginners as well as for intermediate kayak riders who would like to develop their skills. Advanced riders will also have fun with Raptor because it is very fast and at the same easy to control.

Every visitor of the surf wave has the opportunity to use our rental service, which offers complete professional equipment. Available in all sizes of neoprene, booties, vests, helmets, foam or carbon surfboards.


The new Toro creek kayak from ZET kayaks collection for all active riders


ZET KAYAKS RAPTOR is a fast and easy-to-use creek kayak for the wider public. The Raptor kayak loves water with high class of difficulty

Price list

Individual Water entryDurationPrice
Canoeing slalom, recreational riding
Price per boat
60 minutes8€
Canoeing slalom, recreational riding - half day entry
Price per boat / 8am - 2pm; 2pm - 8pm
Canoeing slalom, recreational riding - 10x accession
Price per boat, accession are portable for the 2019 season
60 minutes70€
Canoeing slalom, recreational riding - 10x half day entry
Price per boat, accession are portable for the 2019 season/ 8am - 2pm; 2pm - 8pm
Water equipment
vest, hemet included in the price
60 minutes5€
vest included in the price
60 minutes10€
vest included in the price
60 minutes5€
90 minutes15€