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In our resort we are organizing family and children's celebrations, unforgettable children's day, one day and more-day camps but we also offer a perfect place for pleasant family afternoons.

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The Danube cruise is 13 km long - it starts at Divoká Voda in Cunovo and ends in the Hungarian village Dunakiliti.
The beginning leads along the old Danube river trough approximately 45 minutes after flat water with the difficulty of WW1 (slightly flowing water) and ends in the Hungarian territory of the Danube river.

The length of the weir depends on the skills of the participants and ranges from 4 to 6 hours.


We organize tour for groups from 15 to 35 people, for age category 13+.

You can experience it with us as a 1-day trip or as a camping trip.


07:45 - arrival at Water sports area Divoka Voda
08:00 - warm-up, paddling training
09:00 - security briefing
10:00 - start of the cruising
16:00 - arrival at Dunakiliti
17:00 - departure from Dunakiliti
18:00 - arrival at Divoka Voda 
overnight stay:
17:00 - break
- First Aid Course

Day 2
10:00 - departure from Dunakiliti
11:00 - arrival at Divoka Voda

CONDITIONS: a good swimmer, a positive relationship to water
PRICE INCLUDES: experienced instructor, equipment rental, first aid instruction, rescue motorboat, rescue equipment, rescuer / paramedic, package for travel, transport from Dunakiliti (in case of a overnight trip also: barbecue package, camping fee)

* 1 day trip: 50€/person
* with overnight stay: 70/person